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Covering local news and activities for Walton County, Georgia. In-depth coverage of local events, bringing you what really matters to the citizens of Walton County.

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  1. Roger Hale says:

    Paul, I’m impressed with this site. In regards to immigration or more specifically illegal aliens, people need to start talking about what it cost legal citizens. If it hurts your wallet, you’ll do something. Politicians like to talk about the “human costs” and human issues, but taxpayers like to know the monetary cost. Several years ago there was an article buried in the back pages of the AJC about how the state of GA paid out between $25-$35 million dollars per year for illegal and indigent care and related services. That amount must be several multiples higher by now. Emotions are used in this debate, but dollars are what sway voters.
    Best wishes, Roger Hale / 770-267-1636

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